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The Energetic Continuum

In quantum physics, the energy that fills the cosmos is called Zero-Point Energy. It is formless, moves faster than the speed of light, and is omnipresent. Held within Zero-Point Energy is the potential of all existence and the intelligence to create perfect form.

The condensation of Zero-Point Energy into Tachyon Energy begins a continuous energy flow called the Energetic Continuum. Without form or vibration and moving faster than the speed of light, this flow of energy contracts into Tachyon as it moves down in a vertical stream towards the speed of light. At the point of light, the Energetic Continuum interacts with the Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs) and begins creating the energetic matrix from which all physical forms are structured. Because its source is Zero-Point Energy, the Energetic Continuum contains all of the potential and intelligence held within it. Simply stated, the Energetic Continuum flows from infinite formless expansion to finite contraction of form.

Once the Energetic Continuum is understood, we are then able to understand the effects of blockages within the flow of energy through the continuum. With this understanding, we then have the ability to realign ourselves with our natural state of harmony and health. By opening ourselves to the flow of the Energetic Continuum as it travels from Zero-Point Energy through Tachyon to the SOEFs, our being is energized and restructured so that we may create neg-entropy or anti-aging.

Dis-ease or illness comes when a blockage occurs within our individual Energetic Continuum. It makes sense, then, that we must clear the blockage(s) to restore the vertical alignment of our Energetic Continuum. In essence, a blockage is defined as a disorder or chaos in the Energetic Continuum causing an energy deficiency. These blockages in the continuum are in the form of particular frequencies that ultimately create disorder or dis-ease in the physical body.

Tachyon Energy, because it is the source particle of energy that organizes and energizes the SOEFs, provides the potential to restore harmonious healing frequencies. Creating a neg-entropy effect, Tachyon Energy organizes that which is disorganized. It realigns and restores the SOEFs to their natural state of order and balance, thus creating a state of well being or health.

For example, if someone has experienced an emotional stress and continues to go through life without any release or balance, a blockage of energy will occur in the emotional body of that human being. This blockage in the natural flow of energy (Energetic Continuum) in turn will cause an energy deficiency between the emotional body and a part of the physical body.

Let’s say the blockage is causing a deficiency in the lower lumbar area of the back. This person may begin to experience lower back pain. If the stress continues, the situation may escalate into severe back pain, ruptured disk problems, or even degenerative disk disease. Anytime part of the Energetic Continuum is blocked, the organ or system that is left in a deficient energetic state will ultimately succumb to one of this world’s many degenerative diseases.

When focused into the specific deficient area, Tachyon Energy reorganizes and energizes the disrupted SOEFs, therefore allowing the blockage(s) to dissipate. The body is able to reconnect to its Energetic Continuum when the blockage is removed. Connecting to the Energetic Continuum means increasing the flow of energy from life’s source: Zero-Point Energy. As co-creators in our state of health, once we increase the flow of Life-Force Energy, we can then be relieved of the emotional stress.

In itself, Tachyon Energy is not a frequency; however, it contains the potential of all frequencies. Once it is understood that Tachyon, being the first particle of formless Zero-Point Energy, is the source of all frequencies, it is easy to see the place of Tachyon in the energetic spectrum. All frequencies, such as photon, orgone or light waves, can become coherent and balanced when Tachyon is used to energize the SOEFs.

Through the Energetic Continuum, Tachyon interacts with the SOEFs, which absorb the potential needed for energizing them and strengthening their frequencies. The Energetic Continuum applies to everything we know of in our existence.

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