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Tachyon Energy Cells Focus Chi Energy!

Tachyon Energy Cells for increased energy, healing, stress relief, meditation, strength and focus in martial arts training and much much more!

Tachyon Energy Cells direct Chi, Life Force Energy, the Source Energy in a focused beam into any part of the body to remove blockages, relieve pain, balance an area and soothe the stress of an out of sync system or one that is low in energy.

Tachyon Energy Cells worn over the power centres generate strength, awareness and aid focus and pin point precision when used for martial arts training such as tai chi, qi gong, karate, kung fu, aikido and judo.

Why Do I Use Tachyon Energy?

Because I love it. I love the feel of it, the fact that I have access to as much clear fresh energy as I need; even with an energy system that is running completely cleanly our environment does its damnedest to sabotage that sometimes.

It heals pain, balances, energises and stengthens the body and allows me to channel the same amounts of energy as if I was meditating and in a state of complete calm and bliss all day, which I openly admit I am nowhere near reaching yet!

There is only energy but there's nothing quite like Tachyon Energy!

Tachyon Energy Both Energises and Relaxes Your System

A body cannot be at peace if it is short of energy and running on empty, the stress involved trying to generate more energy creates a vicious circle. But also, when we are wired and hyper it is not too much energy that is the problem it is just that the energy is being wrongly directed and stuck in a loop with no way of exiting because of blockages; Tachyon Energy removes these thus creating a vent to release this energy, encouraging a free flow and calming the whole system.

Tachyon Energy helps to free the system of injuries and blockages that cause energy imbalances which result in stress, pain and confusion.

The glass Tachyon Energy Cells, that have been scientifically restructured to create portals, can easily be taped to the body, using Micropore surgical tape, wherever they are needed and quite honestly I do not know what I would have done without them over the last 8 years I have been using them daily.

Uses for Tachyon Energy Cells

I not only tape them over any knocks of bumps I get in the day, cracking my elbow on a door or a shin on a coffee table which results in no bruising or injury at all if I can get one on quick enough, but have cured a major neck injury which did not respond to years of osteopathy.

A Tachyon Energy Cell over the brow chakra makes meditation a breeze and after years of struggling I thought, "it can’t be this easy", but it is!

I tape a Cell on my wrist if I have been overdoing it on my laptop and start to feel RSI creeping on and even on my stomach if I have overindulged a little and start to feel acidy with indigestion coming on, it soon sorts it out.

A Tachyon Energy Cell taped over the thymus energises the whole system and helps to protect against EMFs which is especially essential if you have low energy and are suffering from ME or Chronic Fatigue, it really can make all the difference.

When I am doing energy work and clearing old hurts and wounds my Tachyon Energy Cell is a great comfort and held over a painful blockage really helps to move and heal and is now like an old friend that I wouldn’t be without.

Tachyon Energy also helps enormously when I am conducting a training by giving me the stamina, focus and awareness essential to teach more effectively.

When you start using Tachyon Energy you will be amazed at the possibilities and just how depleted you are; the difference between having extra energy and just enough, as in the past, will astound you and make you wonder how you ever managed until now!

Expect to feel:

  • Elated
  • Energised
  • Clear
  • Pain-Free
  • Relaxed
  • Focused
  • Supported
  • Strong

The wonderful thing with these Tachyon Energy Cells is that they are directional, which means the energy flows in one side and out the other, the flat side, so you can really focus the energy where it is needed.

This also means you can reverse the Cell which is often helpful to pull energy out of an area, which can be very powerful indeed and is usually what helps instantly when I feel a headache coming on and has helped countless people sort out their migraines, and many other problems caused by blockages, once and for all.


The Tachyon Energy Cells are permanent, once you have one that is it, for life, a neverending flow of pure Life Force Energy at your fingertips and for about the same price as one session with a therapist; but to me they are priceless, like having your own personal healer on hand day and night.

Who Should Use Tachyon Energy Cells?

  • Health Care Professionals
  • Massage Therapists
  • Reiki Practitioners
  • Energy Workers
  • Martial Arts Students
  • Healers
  • Meditators
  • Trainers
  • All those suffering from pain

There are many different sizes of Cells, from 8mm to a huge 75mm used for charging water, but I find the 32mm the most convenient and effective and they look so beautiful too.

Try one, you have nothing to lose and only boundless, limitless amounts of Chi, Ch'i, Ki, the Source Energy of the universe to gain!

Order a 32mm Tachyon Energy Cell NOW!


Tachyon Silica Disks

These wafer thin 4-inch and 6-inch laminated Tachyon Energy Silica Disks have an enormous 15 foot energy field and were developed for a variety of special applications. As with all the Tachyon Energy Cells they are directional, the label indicates the energy side of the Disk

If you consider that Silica Disks raise the life-force potential of anything placed on them you will begin to see their wide range of uses. However because of their power as well as their fragile structure they are not recommended for use on the body.

Uses for Silica Disks

Originally developed to protect against EMFs and geopathic stress by placing them over the fuses at the fuse box - the fuses must be completely covered for total protection.   This not only protects the whole house but also neutralises weak to medium range lines of geopathic stress. For stronger lines, and during very wet weather, a Disk should be placed face down over the entry and leaving points.

Keeping herbs, supplements and water on the Disks ensures their SOEFs are kept at maximum potential. Many people have also reported that medication kept on a Disk reduces side effects of the drug.

Placing a Disk at the bottom of the refrigerator keeps everything in the 'fridge charged with tachyon energy.

Taping a Disk at the head of the bed a few inches above the head enhances any healing that needs to take place and many people have reported perfect dream recall on waking.

Silica Disks used in the garden can greatly enhance crops and protect against pests. A Disk can be placed vertically in the soil at the beginning of a row with the energy facing the seedlings and plants. This greatly increases the bioenergetic potential of vegetables, fruit and herbs. Grow your sprouts on a Disk too.

The Disks are also excellent for cleansing crystals. As nothing negative can exist in a tachyon field if you regularly place your crystals on a Silica Disk overnight in the morning they will be clear.

The Silica Disks are composed of a special silica dioxide scientifically developed for high-tech industries. The Disks themselves are very thin and fragile and tend to break which is why they are laminated, both to strengthen them and to hold the pieces together in the event of them being cracked or broken though even if they do break they still remain completely effective but lose their directionality over time.


Tachyon Energy Microdisks for Mobile Phones

Tachyon Energy MicroDisks are the newest Energy Cells available and are tiny versions of the Silica Disks, specially made for mobile phones.

Many people spend countless hours with their heads pressed to mobile phones and the long term effects of this are still not fully known or understood. There are hazardous fields emitted by these phones and these EMFs disrupt the SOEFs around the head and face. The disrupted energy in the SOEFs leaves that part of the body vulnerable to disease.

The Tachyon Energy MicroDisks transform the disruptive wave patterns and protect the user as long as the Cell is in place on the phone.

Peel off the protective cover of the tape and adhere the MicroDisk to the battery close to the aerial.


Tachyon Energy Chakra Balancing Kit

The Tachyon Energy Chakra Balancing Kit contains everything you need to balance the chakras in twenty minutes.

It comes with seven Tachyon Energy Cells, colour co-ordinated with the seven chakras, a small pouch to hold the Tachyon Energy Cells, and a stand-up instruction card that uniquely solves the problem of keeping the crown chakra Cell facing the top of your head correctly while you are lying down.

There are seven major energy centers in the body known as chakras. These centres are whirling vortices of energy which resemble wheels. In fact, the chakras act as conduits for Universal Life Force Energy and are thought to be primary factors in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

This kit addresses the seven main chakras which are the major energy conduits. Each of the seven chakras is associated with different emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues in the development of human consciousness. For true balance, our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies must all work together.

The Tachyon Energy Chakra Balancing Kit addresses all of these energies. It charges the Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs) of the chakras which aids in the development and integration of wholeness within each of us. When you use the Tachyon Energy Chakra Balancing Kit, you will probably experience many different levels of awareness as you become more balanced.


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