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Etherium Keys


Etherium Keys are very specific solutions to assist all stages of our evolution.

The first to be unveiled is The Global Catalyst a precise blend of Etherium Gold, Tachyon Water and a vibrational preparation of an ancient Healing Water.

Etherium Gold raises the body’s electromagnetic frequencies and aligns the planes thus reducing the time between thought and manifestation.

Etherium Gold promotes focus on all levels, not just the mental, and as focus becomes clearer and more acute, sensitivity is enhanced and the quality of intention becomes clearer.

Tachyon Water draws Life Force Energy into the entire energy system, bringing balance and further alignment and stabilisation to all the subtle bodies, heart, mind and soul.

Tachyon Water binds the potential and fixes the signature of the Etherium Gold allowing they dynamic power to be released and swift movement to be achieved.

The Healing Water contributes the most sacred underlying patterns of all in order to clarify one's position and proceed from a pure and blessed state with the purest of intention.

This specially prepared fusion not only ignites your potential but the solution can also be added to vibrational remedies to greatly enhance their effectiveness, speed of action and to enable the outcome to hold.

Add a few drops to a little water twice a day in a beautiful glass or vessel reserved solely for this purpose to augment the sacred nature of the Key.

Follow your intuition, you will know in your heart if you are ready for the Etherium Keys.

Etherium Keys - The Catalyst - £30.00 BUY NOW!

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