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Tachyon Water

Tachyon Water draws Life Force Energy to every cell of your body. It even breaks the blood brain barrier. It is the elixir of life, working from the inside out, increasing energy, endurance and balance. Tachyon Water will slowly transform your body into a super-conductor of life force energy. As the rose experiment (described in Tachyon and Your Body) clearly demonstrates, Tachyon Water is the key to radiant health and longevity.

Research carried out by Dr. Gabriel Cousens, using electro-diagnostic equipment, shows that within 20 minutes of taking Tachyon Water all the body's meridians come into perfect balance.

"Tachyon Water converts the whole body into an enhanced Tachyon antenna" Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

And best of all within seconds of taking a few drops you can really feel an energy surge around your body!

For fastest action drop directly into your mouth as it is absorbed sublingually. For a deeper detox drop about 15 drops into a small bottle of mineral water and sip throughout the day, this really helps clean the liver and kidneys at a profound level.

I remember when I got my first bottle I overdid it and took an extra 15 drops by mistake and got a real rush and became very heady so be careful when you first start and I recommend beginning on 5 drops for three doses a day increasing by one drop a day until you reach 15 drops per dose.

Please note: ME and CFS sufferers and those with low vitality and children should start with only one or two drops per dose and see how well the Water is tolerated and gradually increase after a week.

When you first start taking the Water make sure you drink plenty of a good quality mineral water, high in calcium, such as Evian to flush through the toxins that using Tachyon initially releases and which can cause a slight headache if allowed to build up.


Tachyon Silica Gel

As silicon is a structural building block and essential to the human body, this high quality Tachyon silica dispersed in Tachyon Water is renowned for its ability to strengthen skin, hair, nails, ligaments, tendons and even connective tissue.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens M.D. says, “My clinical impression is that Silica Gel seems to protect against osteoporosis and helps with bone healing”.

Start taking the Silica Gel one drop, twice a day, well stirred into a little juice or water. After a week increase the dose to two drops per dose. Drink plenty of pure water to flush away the toxins that using tachyon initially releases and if you feel any aching or worsening of any symptoms reduce the dose for a few days.

Please do not take more than two drops at any time as the Gel is very powerful and has a cumulative effect so takes some days to wear off if you have overdone it!

Please be especially careful when giving Silica Gel to animals, they are unable to tell us when we have overdone it and they are suffering unduly from overdosing. Always start with just one drop a day onto food and only increase to two drops for above average sized dogs or if the dog is very sick and this has been recommended by a professional.


Tachyon Blue/Green Algae

Tachyon Blue-Green Algae is packed with nutrients, including 92 minerals and trace elements and is a super brain food that has been shown to enhance mental clarity and alertness. It helps build your immune system too.

Tachyon Klamath Lake Algae (TKLA) is organ specific for the nervous system and the brain, particularly the memory center and the hypothalumus, as well as for the pituitary and pineal glands. According to Dr. Cousens, the TKLA is the only vegetarian food source that enhances and corrects the functioning of the hypothalamus. This is a very important health promoting property since many subtle endocrine imbalances are associated with a malfunctioning hypothalumus.

TKLA works from the inside out, as do all internals. The Tachyon process restructures the Blue/Green Algae into a tachyon antenna that is then absorbed into your body, energizing the SOEFs on a metabolic level, transforming your brain into a tachyon energy superconductor.

TKLA contains phycocyanin. This substance, which is only found in micro algae, stimulates your entire blood building system in the bone marrow. This means your energy and immune system is balanced and strengthened. Phycocyanine helps protect against sunburn too.

Many people have observed that using Tachyon Blue/Green Algae on a regular basis -

  • Increases mental alertness
  • Improves long term and short term memory
  • Intensifies creativity
  • Heightens the ability to visualise
  • Improves sense of well-being and feeling of being centred
  • Deepens meditation

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