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Beautiful Tachyon Jewellery

Designed and Sculpted by Brazilian Artist Premen
Millennium Diamond International Award Winner

These beautiful pieces have been specially designed to hold 24mm Tachyon Energy Cells and were created so the Cells could be easily exchanged.

Applying Tachyon to the thymus and heart area helps to cleanse the emotional and psychic circuits contributing to our potentialities and deepening meditative states. In this way we are more able to access the natural source of Chi, Life Force Energy, present and available in the whole universe.

This energy neutralizes the negative effects of electromagnetic fields and helps balance and rejuvenate the body encouraging natural detoxification, increasing the absorption of available vitamins and minerals and promoting the healing process as well as increasing energy levels.

The thymus gland is the information centre, the ‘reader’, for the immune system. This centre knows what should be absorbed by the body and what should be eliminated but unfortunately through the constant bombardment of incoherent frequencies, from man made machines, this function has been almost lost as a result and our immune systems are weak as a result.

Wearing Tachyon over the thymus recharges and protects our immune systems and helps to recode our ‘reader’ for long-term protection and good health.

The heart area is the power centre of the energy body and when Tachyon is applied to this area the whole set of energy systems that comprise who we are become charged to their highest level with Life Force Energy.

The Open Heart

The basic heart design, allows the 24mm Tachyon Cells to be changed as illustrated below. Cell colours can be changed to suit your mood, change your state or match your outfit.

Open Heart Pendant with one 24mm Tachyon Energy Cell - £95.00

The Woman’s Heart

Originally designed for women the Woman’s Heart is a slightly bigger heart for all those who feel they need just that little bit more!

Woman’s Heart Pendant with one 24mm Tachyon Energy Cell - £110.00

Unio Mystico

A beautiful design incorporating two lovers entwined. To me this not only symbolizes love for oneself as well as another but also the union of the conscious and unconscious minds - which when aligned produces miracles in our everyday lives.

Unio Mystico Pendant with one 24mm Tachyon Energy Cell - £110.00

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