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Tachyon Material and Speciality Tools

Tachyon Headbands

Tachyon Headbands are made from a high quality, double-woven Tachyon terry-cloth that can draw large amounts of life force energy into the whole brain area. The experience is subtle yet powerful as both brain hemispheres begin to synchronize

The Headbands are available in two styles, Stretch or Velcro which is adjustable and has a hidden pocket which holds up to three 24mm Energy Cells for meditation and focusing attention.

What people are saying about Tachyon Headbands:


"I've found the Tachyon Headband has really helped me to focus and concentrate. It's opened up a whole new world to me and I have decided to take the Open University course we talked about. Thanks for the advice and your prompt service."

"My 11 year old has at last managed to master the basics of maths thanks to the headband, he's intrigued to know how it works and so am I, please send more info."

"My accountant can't believe my books are now ready on time each month, the headband has cut the time it takes to do them in half!"


"I have suffered for years with dreadful headaches which have gone on for days but now at the first sign I put on my headband (if I'm at work I slip it on like a hairband) and within a few minutes the dull throbbing disappears."

"I can't tell you how happy I am with the headband, not to have that awful pain. Thankyou."

"I've been wearing the headband for 2 hours every evening and I haven't had a migraine since (7 months now!)."


"Up until wearing the headband for meditation I couldn't sit still for more than 10 minutes but now I can just sit and "be" for hours on end. The effect is very calming and centring like being in a distant galaxy. Please send two more energy cells for the pocket, I"m ready to go further!"

"I find the Headband really helpful when I'm sending distant healing, it especially helps me tune in to the other person and I've had fantastic results."

"At last I can let the thoughts just drift off into space instead of bugging me throughout my meditation. I'm sleeping better and feel more alert in the day as well since using tachyon."

"I've only been using the Headband for meditation for a week and I have already reached deep levels for the first time ever, the effects are truly awesome!"


"Please send another Headband as soon as possible, it's the only thing that stops my husband snoring - I will be sleeping in the spare room again until it gets here!"

"I tried the headband like you said and to my amazement M says I haven't snored once."


"Since sleeping with the Headband my sinuses don't bother me anymore."

"My dreams are really clear, brighter and full of colour and I can remember them better when I wake up. I feel more refreshed now as well."


"My vision is now clearer and small print easier to read."

"I don't get eyestrain anymore watching tv when I'm wearing my Headband."


"My dog has been much less nervous with a headband round his neck, his ear infection has cleared up too, much faster than before."


"The headband's great, I can workout for much longer. My stamina is terrific."

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

"The Tachyon headband has completely freed me from my fuzzy ME head and enabled me to think clearly again for the first time in years."


"Wearing the Headband for a few hours an evening has reduced my chronic pre-menstrual symptoms drastically. No more outbursts or screaming, I feel I'm in control again."


Tachyon Wristbands

Tachyon Wristbands were one of the first Tachyon products I tried, soon after taking Reiki 1, as a friend told me they would increase the energy flow to almost Reiki 2 which they did.

The Wristbands are made of very durable double woven terry cloth and are a lifesaver to people who use their hands a lot especially massage therapists and anyone using a keyboard all day. The Wristbands are also a good way to generally keep the energy levels high, possibly because of the close proximity and density of veins at the wrist which allows the blood to be charged quite easily.

They can be used on any part of the body they fit comfortably and even on your pet's legs. To make sure they are not too tight when new you can damp them and gently stretch them as they are drying. To preserve the integrity of the material of the Wristbands I suggest you handwash in a gentle detergent or soap and line dry them.


Tachyon Silk Scarves

The Tachyon Silk Scarves attract large quantities of Tachyon energy to its wearer. It is particularly useful for balancing upset emotions, alleviating stress and balancing the throat chakra and thyroid.

The Scarf can be worn in any way imaginable: as a sash, headband, belt, around the neck, or placed down the chakras during meditation.

There is a wide choice of colours to suit every mood or occasion, many are also suitable for men.


Tachyon Happy Souls Insoles

The feet contain reflex points for all the parts of the body. When using Tachyon Happy Souls, these points are bathed in life-force energy. As the energy works its way up from the feet, it opens up the meridian flow in the legs and up into the body.

Anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet will appreciate the constant, comforting energy provided by Tachyon Happy Souls. Use Happy Souls for sports, running, exercising, dancing, long periods of standing, or poor circulation. They are also great for anyone with poor circulation (such as diabetes, polio, or stroke) or anyone having difficulty with balance or walking.

Tachyon Happy Souls shoe inserts are made from a special Tachyon Poron material which is one of the best shock absorbers on the market today. The Poron material is highly effective against foot odors and fungus. Only 1/8" thick, these are very comfortable and work well in almost any shoe. Due to their special design they will last a long time.

I recommend buying the largest size and cutting to fit. The offcuts are very valuable and can be taped inside pets' collars, put in pockets or placed under pillows. The energy flows from the grey side so make sure it is facing the right way.


Tachyon Vitalizer Belt

The Vitalizer Belt is a marvellous tool for balancing the back. This comfortable belt can be worn around your waist to alleviate lower back pain or looped around a shoulder, arm, leg, hip, or the head. It is great for anyone with pain, injuries, or digestive disorders and supports all the organs during detoxification.

The Vitalizer Belt is exceptionally good for back pain during pregnancy and there is an extension availabe to increase its length when necessary.

The Belt is made of Tachyon aero-fibre and is light and washable.


Tachyon Flexcell

A special form of a Tachyon Silica Disk, this is the largest most powerful Cell. The Flex-Cell with Contour Belt can be worn around the waist to revitalize the lower back or help the digestive system.

This powerful directional Cell will bring balance to any area by energizing the Subtle Organizing Energy Fields. The Tachyon Flex-Cell is used by body workers, energy workers and athletes to increase performance and endurance. Body workers especially appreciate the power and directionality of the Tachyon Flex-Cell. It is great to use it as a "Third Hand" on the back, the abdomen, and other large areas. Healers particularly enjoy wearing the Tachyon Flex-Cell during their sessions to increase their energy and the effectiveness of their treatments. This Cell is also used for pain management.

The Tachyon Flex-Cell is made of five layers of silica dioxide powder and latex encased in 5"x 9"x 1⁄4" thick rubber, allowing the maximum versatility of a directional cell. This Cell comes with its own cotton belt for ease of use. A special pocket has been sewn into the belt to firmly contain the Tachyon Flex-Cell and hold it against the body. Of course, the Flex-Cell may also be applied without the belt.

The Flex-Cell belt fits up to a 38" waist. Use with the Belt Extender to fit up to 42" waist.

Placing this Cell in your car seat at your lower back can make a long trip less tiring. This is a directional cell, that brings focused energy wherever it is placed, so be sure the logo is facing toward the body as shown on the cell. The Flex-Cell can also be used in conjunction with Tachyon Panther Juice, massage cream and oils.

The Flex-Cell can be removed from its pocket belt and placed in the bathtub to charge your bath water, or placed under a sore muscle, while in the bath.


Tachyon Personal Cocoon

The Tachyon Cocoon surrounds you in a life-enriching sea of energy whose flow is directed in a specific manner to create a 3-dimensional cocoon of Tachyon energy. This directed Tachyon energy flow facilitates profound balance and transformation for your whole being. It promotes integration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies, leading to an experience of calm, centred clarity. It not only feels great, it will also enhance any self-healing process that needs to take place on all levels of your being.

The Tachyon Cocoon Contains:

  • 4 Tachyon Silica Disks
  • 2 Tachyon Cocoon Strips (consisting of a space-age silica fiber weave enclosed in cotton strips with Velcro fasteners at their ends for easy linkage, each strip is four ft. long, making a complete loop of eight feet to surround the head and torso, and the seven major chakra centers)
  • 1 Tachyon Eye Pillow (Tachyon glass beads encased in silk)
  • 2 cotton foot covers (for holding a Tachyon Silica Disk at the sole of each foot)

Together, these elements encourage experiences that reach into another realm.

All the pieces of the Tachyon Cocoon have been restructured (with the exception of the foot covers) and continue to attract and focus Life Force energy, even when you’re not using it. So when not in use, store your Tachyon Cocoon where its energy will be most appreciated later: in your wardrobe or clothes drawer, under your pillow or bed, etc. Increased Life Force energy will be absorbed wherever you put the Tachyon Cocoon.


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