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Tachyon Energy Pet Tools

Tachyon Life Capsules

The Tachyon Life Capsule is filled with high quality, silica based, tiny glass beads. These beads are omni-directional and allow Tachyon energy to bring balance by energizing the Subtle Organizing Energy Fields.

Sizes: LC-M medium Life Capsule for animals under 20 pounds. LC-L large Life Capsule for animals over 20 pounds

The Tachyon Life Capsule attaches to the collar with a ring. This Life Capsule is excellent for all animals and may be used in conjunction with Tachyon Water and Silica-Gel.

Tachyon Pet Pouch

The Pet Pouch with Tachyon Energy Cells is the perfect power tool for medium to large dogs, and is one of the best ways to maintain a constant flow of Tachyon energy into your dog.

The Pet Pouch is a vinyl pouch that can hold either one or two 24mm Tachyon Energy Cells. It is the perfect power tool for medium to large dogs, and is one of the best ways to maintain a constant flow of Tachyon energy into your dog. The Pet Pouch has great popularity not only in the dog world, but also in the farmyard for goats, sheep, cows, horses and those potbellied pigs.

There is an elastic loop on the back of the Pet-Pouch for easy attachment to collars, bridles, and halters. There have been numerous reports that a Pet-Pouch with Tachyon Energy Cells supplies horses with so much more energy that race trainers use them for that “unfair advantage”!

In instances where the pet is out of balance due to illness or injury, use the Pet Pouch’s directional energy to address the imbalance. The body will use the energy as it is needed. It is always recommend that the animal wear the Pet Pouch with the Tachyon Energy Cells for a few days after the symptoms have subsided to ensure complete balance.

There are also people who wear the Pet-Pouch with two Tachyon Energy Cells on their belt.


Tachyon LifePad

The Tachyon LifePad bathes the spine in Tachyon energy, allowing blockages to clear and pain to diminish.

The Tachyon LifePad employs revolutionary Tachyon Aero-Fibre, encased in a durable fabric sleeve with a zippered closure. The sleeve and the Tachyon Aero-Fibre can be used with or without the included foam cushion.

There are countless methods of using the Tachyon LifePad:

  • Pets
  • Wheelchairs
  • Office chairs
  • Dentist chairs
  • Car seats (especially popular in taxis and delivery trucks)
  • Sporting events
  • Meditation (inside, as well as by your favourite tree or nature spot)
  • Patient seating (for therapy and counselling sessions)
  • Horse saddles (racehorses especially benefit from the Tachyon Aero-Fibre placed under their saddles)
  • Bedridden patients (use the Tachyon LifePad while sitting up and then remove the flat Tachyon Aero-Fibre Pad and place it under bed sheets while lying down)

The Tachyon Aero-Fibre is approximately 12" x 18" x 1⁄4" thick and comes complete with its own custom-cushioned zippered pocket with replaceable foam cushion. When used with the zippered pocket, the entire unit is a cushiony 1-inch thick.


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Tachyon EmoTrance Self Healing Set

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