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Tachyon Energy and Animals

Animals by their love, devotion, independence, and instinct to survive are truly inspirational. It is a pleasure to watch just how well Tachyon works with animals. This is because animals just don't have the blocks, energetically, that humans do. Humans, through free will, can create and maintain blockages in their Energetic Continuum. Animals can't, but they can sympathize with us and attune to our systems.

This can, and does, create great hardship for our beloved pets. The good news is that when supplied with Tachyon, most animals will rebalance and rejuvenate quite quickly.


It is heartbreaking to see our animal friends stumbling around in obvious pain, stricken with arthritis but Tachyon Silica Gel has helped literally thousands of animals live pain free lives.

As a guide, for a cat or small dog, one drop of the Gel placed on their meal is sufficient. For larger dogs two drops is required. It is very important not to exceed this dose, more is most definitely not better and can have a severe detoxing effect on the animal which can cause distress. For larger animals please mail me with an approximate weight and I can give you an accurate dosage to use.

It is also beneficial for an animal with arthritis to sleep in a tachyon field and for a dog this can be achieved by taping a Silica Disk to the back or side of the bed and for a cat using a Life Pad.



Many people who have treated their pets for health problems with Tachyon have found that their behaviour has also been affected positively. Obviously a healthy animal will respond differently from one suffering and in pain but many profound changes have taken place with animals of a highly sensitive nature who have calmed down completely when Tachyon is applied.

For cats a Life Capsule combined with Tachyon Water has helped calm down those with frazzled nerves and for dogs, depending on their size, a Stretch or Velcro Headband together with the water can make a marked difference in behaviour.

I recommended when using Tachyon Water for animals that you decant a small quantity into a clean dropper bottle for administration to prevent contamination of the stock bottle in case the dropper should touch the mouth. It is possible to drop the Tachyon Water onto the animal's food but it is more desirable to drop straight into the mouth if possible.

As with humans, EMFs can play a major role in affecting animals' behaviour and Silica Disks placed over the fusebox can prevent interference with the delicate electrical activity of the brain. This is especially true with dogs as their beds are not always located in the most favourable areas.

No animal is inherently bad, they are purely behaving the only way they know how until shown otherwise. Contented dogs are healthy dogs, please see The Harmony Programme if you are having serious problems with behaviour.



The Canine Epilepsy Support Group has referred many people to me in the past because of the positive effects Tachyon has on dogs with this condition. Many owners have been able to control their animals' epilepsy, thus reducing the drugs required, by using Tachyon.

It is important to use Tachyon Water twice daily, dropped directly into the animal's mouth if possible (decant into a small dropper bottle for hygeine reasons), together with a directional Energy Cell either attached to the collar or contained within the Pet Pouch. For a larger dog two T24 Cells would be required or alternatively a Velcro Headband containing two Energy Cells placed in the secret pocket. In this instance the Life Capsule is not sufficient. For smaller animals attach a T13 or T15 Cell to the collar using tape or strong adhesive.

It is also beneficial to charge the animal's water with a Silica Disk. To protect the Disk it is recommended that it be reinforced with stiff card and placed in a plastic bag under the animal's water bowl and kept there.


Health Problems

Many health problems suffered by animals can safely be treated with Tachyon even if the cause is not known,

As an example an 18 year old cat was suffering from kidney failure and was very distressed at having bi-weekly visits to the vet for a steroid injection and blood tests. I suggested using Tachyon Water night and morning to calm her down and within two weeks the blood test revealed her enzyme levels were those of a five year old and her urea levels were normal. The vet was astonished and she was immediately taken off the injections. Within days of taking the Water the cat's coat was shining and she was once again climbing up onto shelves and knocking things off as she had done when she was a kitten.

A golden retriever had developed a haematoma in one ear, a condition which kept flaring up needing constant visits to the vet for draining. Within a few days of taking the Tachyon Water and wearing a Headband round his neck it started to go down of its own accord.

For any intestinal problems the Silica Gel works wonders but remember to be careful about the dosage as the effect of the Silica Gel is cumulative and can cause discomfort to the animal if this is exceeded. Please call or mail me for advice.

When enough Life Force Energy is supplied animals respond very positively and wearing a Life Capsule or Pet Pouch and using Tachyon Water daily can help to prevent many problems in the future.

Very poorly animals need to sleep in a tachyon field and this can be achieved by setting up Silica Disks close to the sleeping quarters or using a Life Pad to sleep on.

If your animal has a particular problem and you are unsure what to use please do call or mail me for advice.


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