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Tachyon Energy and Children

For children it's important to start early, feeding their young bodies with Life Force energy, boosting their immune systems to prevent illness and weakness and helping them maintain balance during the turbulent years of adolescence.

Watching our children grow with straight bodies, open hearts and minds is one of the most joyous experiences for all parents. With children, when things are good they are very good but when problems occur it can be a nightmare and whether the problem is physical or emotional Tachyon can come to the rescue in so many different ways.


We all want to do what is best for our babies and give them the best possible start in life. With Tachyon you can be sure of doing this with the purest most natural form of energy. Tachyon encourages balanced growth and development.

Sleeping - Babies sleep exceptionally well on a Mattress Pad or wrapped in a Shawl especially if there are lines of geopathic stress running close to or under the cot which can disturb sleep quite dramatically. Low birth weight babies also benefit from being wrapped in the Shawl.

Wind/Indigestion - One drop of Tachyon Water in a bottle of water can improve digestion and is especially good for wind.

Teething - The Tachyon toys now available are excellent to help with teething pains and the Teether may be cooled for added relief.

Eczema - The Tachyon Vitamin E cream is excellent for eczema and can safely be applied to the youngest baby.

Growth - Silica Gel is especially helpful for ensuring that bones and teeth grow strong and straight. The Gel targets any problem areas and treats them from the inside. One drop of the Gel may be stirred into babies first purees.

During pregnancy it is helpful to massage the abdomen and back daily with the Massage Oil and also in the last three months to massage Passion Dew into the perineum.



The hormonal changes that occur during adolescence can cause enormous amounts of stress for teenagers during an already turbulent phase of their lives. Tachyon can help by reducing these stress levels and addressing the specific challenges of adolescence.

Tachyon Water helps to energise and boost the whole system at a time when proper nutrition may not be the number one priority.

For hormonal problems the Silica Gel and a Headband with an Energy Cell positioned to stimulate the pituitary gland can be extremely helpful calming down and balancing the whole endocrine system.

For teenage acne Panther Juice can be dabbed on each pimple although because of the initial slight reddening effect it is best to apply at night.

For studying the Tachyon Water encourages energy and stamina and the Headband is invaluable to help focus attention and maintain clarity.

To boost the immune system for protection against the many virus' which slightly undernourished and stressed teenagers seem prone to, wearing a Tachyon Cell or Pendant over the thymus together with regular doses of Tachyon Water will energise the whole system.

For protection against the harmful effects of mobile phones, which even the authorities have now admitted can affect children, a MicroDisk is essential.

The many hours spent in front of a computer screen can also be a problem and can compromise a young immune system so a Silica Disk that neutralises the harmful emanations is a must.

In general the stress relieving and balancing properties of Tachyon can help ease teenagers from childhood to adulthood with the least amount of emotional and physical upheaval.



Children are very sensitive and can easily be adversely affected by electromagnetic fields from electrical equipment such as televisions and computers, microwaves from mobile phones and geopathic stress from the earth.

The energy drain caused by exposure to electrical equipment can weaken a child's immune system and reduce energy levels dramatically as well as ocntributing to a lack of focus and concentration. So it is sensible to use Silica Disks on the fusebox and back of computer monitors to neutralise EMFs and use a Microdisk on the back of all mobile phones.

For children with disruptive sleep patterns or problems falling asleep there is a high probability that geopathic stress is the cause and this can be remedied by either moving the bed or using a Sleep Pad or Silica Disk at the head of the bed, though for children the energy should not flow directly into the head. For more information about geopathic stress and how to determine if you have problem energy lines please mail me.

Tachyon can also protect children from negative outside influences of many kinds by building up their entire systems to such a degree that their energy levels remain stable and unaffected. This is achieved through taking Tachyon Water daily and wearing Tachyon on the body in whatever form is suitable for the age, e.g. Happy Souls, an Energy Cell. If it is impossible to wear Tachyon then the Silica Gel, which has a cumulative effect, is the best solution.


Dyslexia and ADHD

Children with learning difficulties are often labelled as clumsy or stupid which can make school a bewildering and hostile place. Tachyon has been shown to help with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, dyscalcula and CAPD by balancing the right and left brain and calming children down.

Using a Silica Disk at the head of the bed, a Headband for a short time every day while at home and using Tachyon Water and Silica Gel balances and harmonises children's lives thus making learning an enjoyable challenge and experience. The Headband also helps children to focus and concentrate and is a perfect aid to help them begin to sit and meditate.

One mother who reported her dyslexic son reading fluently within two weeks of using Tachyon said he called the Silica Disk "his magic brain balancer".



It is natural and often beneficial for children to catch the many colds and germs circulating once they start mixing with others. Old Chinese texts actually suggest that a child's body is strengthened by catching measles and produces many antibodies that go on to give high levels of protection against many terminal illnesses later in life. However, I am not advocating against immunization if this is what you have chosen for your child but I am stressing that it is impossible and not completely desirable to protect a child from every germ or illness.

Having said this it is up to us as parents to make sure that our children's immune systems are healthy and in a suitable state to deal with these illnesses safely and swiftly.

Taking Tachyon Water daily is a perfect way to keep the whole system energised. As it is often not possible for young people to wear an Energy Cell or Pendant on the thymus, sleeping with a Silica Disk at the head of the bed is an excellent way to achieve restful and regenerative sleep.

If your child seems particularly prone to many colds and infections then taking Tachyon Blue/Green Algae daily will increase the activity of T-Cells which are responsible for dealing with bacteria and help to build the immune system.


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