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Tachyon Energy and Creativity

We have the abilities to touch beyond the concerns and limitations of man into the infinite, the creative source of all there is. But when we are in a state of imbalance and low on energy, we live in a fog of confusion and cannot perceive all the creative solutions at our fingertips.

Tachyon energy helps to clear away this fog and allows your natural abilities to shine through; enabling you to see the world with new eyes and to find new and creative ways of living life to the full in all ways.


To many people meditation is the key to glowing health, inner contentment and abundance in their lives.

However, for some it is not easy to set aside time to just sit still and be. Although there is no wrong or right way to meditate, those who feel their time spent sitting has been rewarding and fulfilling find it easier to make time more regularly.

This is how Tachyon can help to establish a regular routine which de-stresses the body and balances the emotions by helping the beginner to achieve a clear mind and to focus more quickly. The Velcro Headband, in which there is a pocket to insert Energy Cells, quiets the mind and reduces extraneous thoughts to aid concentration.

When first using the Headband and Energy Cells it is advisable to wear it for only 15 minutes as initially there can be a feeling of pressure which soon wears off but may prove uncomfortable to begin with. Gradually extend the time over a period of days and if possible meditate at the same time each day. Many favour the morning as an excellent start to the day but if the evening is the only time available then that is fine, remember there is no right or wrong, good or bad time to meditate, what is most important is that you do it!

For experienced meditators sitting on a Life Pad, or folded Sleep Pad, while being wrapped in the Meditation Shawl deeply enhances their process.

The Tachyon Personal Cocoon was specially designed to take the user to deep levels of stillness by aligning the energy flow through the body in the most beneficial and natural way, indeed as nature intended. This is also an ideal tool when using meditation and abundance tapes as the conscious mind is by-passed allowing the unconscious to easily take on board the hypnotic suggestions made.

The Chakra Balancing Kit is ideal to clear and energise the entire chakra system and combined with the Headband can be a useful alternative to the Cocoon while listening to healing or inspirational tapes. The Kit is particularly effective while listening to music specifically designed for balancing the chakras. I have developed a technique using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) which combines these three different elements to eliminate blockages in the energy system. For a free copy of The MET Chakra Protocol please click here.

Tachyon Blue/Green Algae has also been shown to heighten awareness and the ability to visualise as well as deepen meditation.

To create a sanctuary filled with clear, positive energy place two Silica Disks, with the energy flowing into the room, on opposite walls, directly facing each other so the energy bounces off each Disk to expand and fill the whole room. If the room is quite large you may need two more on the remaining walls.

And finally, for complete verticalisation of the chakra system in the comfort of your own home, my revolutionary Tachyon Energy Chakra Alignment Kit will enable you to achieve permanent attunement with All That Is.

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Tachyon Energy and Creativity


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