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Tachyon Energy and EMFs

Environmental Protection

In this electronic age it is important to be able to protect ourselves from the draining effects of Electromagnetic Fields, Microwaves, Geopathic Stress and many more disruptive influences that can have catastrophic effects on our health. Many people are forced to live near power lines and in close proximity to sub-stations that can have a profound effect on health.

Tachyon has been shown over and over again not only to give complete protection but also to give positive benefits wherever it is used.

A Silica Disk placed behind a computer monitor not only turns the incoherent waves into a coherent pattern that no longer disturbs or drains the energy system but also benefits the operator by sitting in a balancing field of life giving energy. It is now possible to not only reach the end of a working day without feeling tired but positively refreshed and ready for a life after work!

With an understanding of how our energy systems work and how easy it is to be influenced by the energy of others it is also to our advantage to be able to protect ourselves from the negativity that often surrounds us. At our workplace, on public transport, while shopping and even, at times, at home.

Tachyon can do this very simply by supplying us with enough energy to protect our individual fields, and any negativity that may be absorbed is transmuted harmlessly.


Personal Protection

For protection against EMFs in the workplace, when it is not possible to use Silica Disks to neutralise harmful emissions, wearing a Tachyon Pendant and taking Tachyon Water daily can increase energy levels to such an extent that hazardous influences cannot drain it. Happy Souls shoe inserts are also an excellent way to feed the energy system with Tachyon through the meridians. In this way it is also possible to continue to be protected while outside and in public places.

The Tachyon Pendants, Tachyon Water and Happy Souls also give protection against negative influences of many origins. If our energy field is strong and buoyant it is possible to maintain a clear field and remain unaffected. For emotional negativity a Tachyon Silk Scarf gives additional support.

The Sleep Pad is a wonderful tool to give total personal protection at night from all types of draining influences, including EMFs and geopathic stress, and allows peaceful and regenerative sleep. Another useful tool at night is a Silica Disk placed at the head of the bed.

The Tachyon Headband also helps by protecting against worrying thoughts and possible outside influences, two or three Energy Cells may be added the higher the level of shielding required.

See the section on Meditation for further ways to reach and maintain centredness and balance.


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