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Tachyon Energy and Fitness

For top performance in all areas of your life Tachyon can help you excel. Channelling pure Life Force Energy into particular areas of the body charges the whole system with the power and energy to increase endurance and stamina and help maintain focus.

For increased performance take Tachyon Water 10 minutes prior to exercising or competition and tape a T24 Cell three finger widths below the navel, this is one of the main energy centres of the body. Runners also find Cells placed on their thighs and lungs enhances endurance.

Panther Juice increases the circulation of blood and Tachyon Energy to muscles and tissues. Apply the Juice 3 to 5 minutes prior to exercising.

Athletes find the Vitalizer Belt to be highly effective in increasing energy throughout the enitre body as well as supporting and protecting the lower back.

For weightlifting the Flexcell 100 gives additional support and power.

Happy Souls shoe inserts are extremely effective in giving the body an extra boost of energy.

Tachyon Headbands and Wristbands charge the blood and may be used to strengthen and unify both the physical and mental body during workouts.

For injuries use Panther Juice, Energy Cells and apply a Tachyon Hug if appropriate. For particular problems please contact me for specific advice.

Tachyon Energy and Your Health

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Tachyon Energy and Fitness

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PLEASE NOTE: Nothing in this web-site is intended to constitute medical advice or treatment. Tachyon products are designed to accompany, rather than constitute, your total healthcare programme. Please consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment. The recommendations for uses of the products are from my own experience and from those of my clients. Some information articles and product specifications are courtesy of Advanced Tachyon Technologies.
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