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Tachyon Energy and Therapists

As Tachyon is not a frequency it does not interfere with other therapies but enhances their effects.

Many therapists and bodyworkers use the Sleep Pad together with Silica Disks at the top and foot of their couches to bathe their client's energy field in Tachyon Energy and allow the treatment to work at a deep level.

Tachyon is also excellent in helping therapists maintain high energy levels as well as lending protection against negative energy. A Tachyon Pendant, Tachyon Water and Happy Souls shoe inserts will keep the whole system energised and protected.

Reiki: Tachyon Wristbands improve and strengthen the flow of Reiki energy and many practitioners use the Chakra Balancing Kit on their clients during a treatment to energise the SOEFs. Energy Cells may be placed on areas that draw particularly large amounts of energy.

Aromatherapy and Massage: Ultra Balance Massage Oil is a perfect base for mixing special blends of essential oils. Tachyon Wristbands help to protect massage therapists against wrist and hand injuries.

Reflexology: Tachyon Massage Cream is ideal for a reflexology treatment and allows easy flow of movement without losing sensitivity. The T8 opal cells may also be applied at the end of a session to particularly sensitive spots on the sole of the feet and are perfect for continuing treatment of specific meridians.

Bodyworkers: A Vitalizer Belt not only protects the back from injury but also energises the entire system which is passed on to the client through energetic exchange during the treatment.

To create a clear and nurturing environment for treatments filled with positive energy place two Silica Disks, with the energy flowing into the room, on opposite walls, directly facing each other so the energy bounces off each Disk to expand and fill the whole room. If the room is quite large you may need two more on the remaining walls.

It is beneficial to charge vibrational remedies by placing them on a Silica Disk overnight thus allowing improved integration into the energy system. Please be careful with homoeopathic remedies as this can raise their potency (which can also be useful at times if you need a higher potency than you have available).

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Tachyon Energy and Therapists

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