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Tachyon Energy and Your Body

Using Tachyon normally results in a natural detoxification, increased absorption of available vitamins and minerals, increased energy for physical activities, increased awareness of subtle energies, increased brain function, increased circulation and exceptional improvements in athletic abilities and muscle recovery.

Athletes who use these products notice a significant decrease in fatigue, allowing for increased performance. When Tachyon Cells are used directly over a troublesome area, researchers, practitioners, and those who treat themselves from around the world have noticed an amazingly quick reduction of symptoms due to the body’s natural utilisation of Tachyon’s balancing energy.

Only when an area is balanced can the body’s natural healing abilities be effective. With Tachyon we now have effective tools to assist us in achieving balance and overcoming the negative effects of our modern world.

All biological systems follow the laws of quantum mechanics. Understanding this, it becomes obvious that all biological systems are aligned with their own energetic continuum. It is also obvious that all energetic continua are interconnected. The key to perfect balance is to clear all the blocks in our energetic continuum and to realign with All That Is. From around the world, researchers continue to support this conclusion. For those who have experienced the balancing effects of Tachyon energy, the facts are clear. Our bodies are not only sensitive to, but are energetically balanced by Tachyon energy.

Tachyon energy is associated with negative entropy. Negative entropy causes a biological system to move back to a state of balance or order. The opposite of negative entropy is positive entropy, where a system is in a state of chaos, disease and disorder (the ageing process). The more positive entropy a system has, the closer it comes to the end of its life pattern. It has been demonstrated that if a system in a state of disorder is subjected to a focused form of Tachyon energy, the system will then move back to a state of balance.

A good example of Tachyon’s negative entropy (balancing) effect comes from a simple experiment. Two rose buds are cut from the same vine. Rose "A" is placed into regular distilled water. Rose "B" is placed in pure Tachyonized Water. Rose "A" opens, the stem collapses and the flower wilts after 21⁄2 days. This represents the normal life expectancy for this variety of rose.

The water for Rose "A" is then replaced with pure Tachyonized Water; as a result the stem becomes erect and Rose "A" re-opens for another three days. Meanwhile Rose "B" which has been sitting in Tachyon Water opens and stays open for nine days without any signs of wilting. It is believed that the Tachyon Water provided Rose "B" with enough vital Life Force Energy to slow the effects of the ageing (positive entropy) process. In the case of Rose "A" the effects seem to have been a reversal of the ageing process.

Gabriel Cousens M.D. uses the word youthing to explain the effects Tachyon energy has on his clients. It is postulated that almost everyone living in these modern times feels the effects of a world polluted by herbicides, pesticides, toxins in the air and water, stress, electromagnetic fields (EMFs), ozone depletion and the list goes on. It is truly sad to realise that most people don’t even remember what it feels like to be whole, that is, to feel good physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, to be one with All That Is.

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