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Tachyon Energy and Your Health

Our body's contain the blueprint for perfect health and have unlimited potential to heal.

In the orthodox medical field it is now accepted that stress is a contributory factor to many illnesses, these stresses first occur in the emotional field, causing blockages to the energetic continuum which rob areas of the body of Life Force energy as the energy filters down from Zero Point through our subtle organising energy fields causing physical problems. If we can remove these blockages the body can get on with doing what it does best, heal itself.

When applied to the body Tachyon Energy gives it a usable resource to heal, balance and return to a state of wholeness.

Arthritis and Tachyon

For the misery and pain of arthritis taking Tachyon Silica Gel internally and applying Panther Juice locally has proven an unbeatable combination for many sufferers.

The Silica Gel works by targeting damaged and painful joints, drawing energy to exactly where balancing is needed.

The Panther Juice has been shown to relieve severe arthritic pain within 15 minutes and is very warming and soothing.

Energy Cells may be placed over particularly painful joints together with the Tachyon Hugs which give support and further balance. The T24 Cells are a good size to choose for knees and elbows.

Using a Sleep Pad has also helped many to sleep peacefully for the first time in years as it surrounds and bathes the sufferer in a sea of energy allowing deep rest and rejuvenation of an unbalanced energy system.

The detoxification programme as outlined in Detox is an excellent way to cleanse the body as a starting point to treating arthiritis.

Meditation has also helped many sufferers not only in reducing pain but allowing emotional healing which very often underlies arthritic conditions.


Backache and Tachyon

For all areas of the back, hips, shoulders and neck rub Panther Juice where there is pain. Let it dry and then tape on a T32 or T35 Energy Cell exactly over the painful area.

If the painful area is large Energy Cells may be placed close together, the triangular shaped T32s are good for this as they fit together nicely, or for the lower back and hips the Flex-Cell 100 is the most effective and convenient way of applying Tachyon to a large area.

If the pain moves, as often happens after applying Tachyon to the back, the Cell/s should be moved to the new position. It is possible to follow the pain like this until very often it reaches the original source.

Tachyon Silica Gel should be taken internally to support healing from the inside.

Where back problems are chronic and prevent restful sleep using a Sleep Pad can facilitate a good night's sleep and many people report less aching on waking up.


Chronic Fatigue and Tachyon

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or ME has been shown to be due, in part, from low adrenal function resulting from a variety of problems with normal communication between the pituitary, hypothalamus and adrenal glands. In this respect using T32 Energy Cells over the kidneys and adrenal glands has proved very beneficial.

The Tachyon Blue/Green Algae is extremely effective in normalising and energising glandular acitivity.

As an abnormally heavy viral load is often indicated in CFS it is also essential to boost the immune system and this is achieved by taking Tachyon Water and wearing an Energy Cell or Pendant over the thymus. The Tachyon Water also helps establish normal sleeping patterns.

Many people have also found Panther Juice a blessing for aching muscles and sore limbs.

The Headband is very helpful for clearing the classic CFS fuzzy head.


Detox and Tachyon

Our bodies accumulate many toxins over the years for a number of different reasons. Many are environmental but a lot are related to our diet. When our body gets saturated by toxins our immune system is lowered and our organs are unable to function optimally because they are overstraining themselves trying to eliminate these toxins and may eventually shut down altogether through exhaustion.

By adding 5 - 10 drops of Tachyon Water to half a glass of pure water, instead of allowing it to be absorbed sublingually, the Water has a direct detoxing effect on the liver and kidneys. Silica Gel may be taken to specifically balance the organs of detoxification which have been exhausted through overuse.

An excellent way to clear the liver is by applying a T32 or T35 Cell front and back of the torso, facing each other, over the liver. In this way the energy from the Cells bounce off each other and expand to fill the whole organ. A Vitalizer Belt may be worn which will support the kidneys, liver and adrenal glands during the detoxification process.

In addition to better health and a clearing of various chronic problems many people also report higher energy levels, clearer skin, shinier hair and a more positive outlook after thorough cleansing of their body using Tachyon.


Digestion and Tachyon

My favourite way to overcome the occasional bout of indigestion through overindulgence is to tape a T32 Cell, flat side to the skin, over the area of discomfort in conjunction with a T32 with the rounded side facing the body on the back directly in line with the front Cell. This forms a tunnel of energy which flows through the body and seems to unblock the stagnant energy quite quickly giving almost instant relief.

Tender spots on the ascending, transverse or descending colon may be covered with a Cell and this is extremely useful for soothing irritation.

If intestinal discomfort is an ongoing problem a T24-RO Cell should be placed in the navel with the rounded side to the body. The shape of the Cell splays the energy out slightly bathing the area in healing energy. Silica Gel is also very healing for the intestinal tract.

Many people have also found relief by rubbing Panther Juice into the affected area although if your problem is acid, the heat of the Juice may exacerbate the discomfort temporarily.

The Vitalizer-II Belt is also an excellent aid for digestive problems of any kind.


Energy and Tachyon

To establish and maintain high energy levels it is important to take Tachyon Water daily and keep an Energy Cell or Pendant on the thymus. If this is not possible a Cell may be taped on the hara, two finger widths below the navel.

Happy Souls help to keep energy levels high throughout the day as energy flows up through the meridian system and are a blessing for people on their feet all day such as nurses.

For deep, restful, energising sleep use the Sleep Pad and/or a Silica Disk at the head of the bed. The Eyemask used for a nap in the middle of the day can be very refreshing and energising.

If your energy levels are generally very low it is wise to follow a detoxification programme initially.


Hormones and Tachyon

Tachyon helps to achieve and maintain hormonal balance during challenging times in a woman's life. Whether it is during pregnancy, the monthly cycle or the menopause our hormones can often be responsible for periods of great turbulence and unease.

Environmental pollutants such as xenoestrogens in the water supply can help tip us over the balance but if our bodies are kept strong and energised with Tachyon and the liver kept healthy it is possible to maintain our equilibrium.

An Energy Cell placed two finger widths below the navel helps support the second chakra which is responsible for keeping the reproductive organs healthy. Wearing Happy Souls shoe inserts also helps to keep this area energised while massaging Panther Juice over the uterus and ovaries helps to improve the metabolism and organs in this area.

Taking Tachyon Water and using a T32 Energy Cell front and back of the liver helps maintain a healthy liver which is essential for eliminating excess oestrogen from the body.

Tachyon Blue/Green Algae is also very important for nourishing the endocrine system.

The Personal Cocoon used for just twenty minutes a day helps maintain emotional balance and keeps the whole system harmonised and energised.

Meditation is also another excellent way to maintain emotional and physical health. If you have a particular problem please contact me for specific advice.


Migraine and Tachyon

Migraine is often associated with poor liver and gall bladder function, hence the food triggers such as cheese, red wine, oranges, dairy products etc. It is for this reason that detoxifying using Tachyon is the first step to combatting migraine and many other food related headaches.

Balancing the right and left sides of the brain has been shown to help alleviate migraine and this can be achieved using a Headband. If the pain is localised an Energy Cell placed inside the band over the painful area, with the energy flowing away from the head, allows a dispersal of the excess energy which can cause the pain.

Where there is severe liver toxicity causing bad nausea during an attack a T32 taped front and back of the liver can reduce this substantially. Taking Silica Gel helps cleanse, rebalance and heal the liver.

Taking precautions against stress, both personal and environmental can also help reduce the frequency of migraine and headaches.

Using Tachyon Water daily and wearing a Pendant over the thymus supports and energises the whole system and together with the suggestions outlined above you can look forward to longer and longer gaps between attacks.


RSI and Tachyon

Repetitive Strain Injury responds particularly well to the following protocol.

Rub Panther Juice around the affected area and let it dry. Tape two T24 Energy Cell on the front and back of the area so the Cells are facing each other and if it is your wrists that are affected then slip on a pair of Wristbands. For particular joints use the relevant Hug.

Internally the Silica Gel is helpful as it targets injured areas and draws healing energy in from the outside.


Sleep Disorders and Tachyon

For sleep disorders taping a Silica Disk at the head of the bed has proved invaluable for many. It is a good idea to tape it three or four inches above your head so that the energy is not directed straight into the body. You can move it down gradually as you get used to sleeping in a Tachyon field.

The Tachyon Eyemask and Sleep Pad enhance the Tachyon energy field in order to allow balancing and restful sleep. The combined effect, according to Andreas Jell, a Tachyon expert of many years, allows for an undisturbed immersion in the deep sleep phases, a quicker processing of stress and generally more restful sleep.

The Sleep Pad also protects against electromagnetic fields and geopathic stress while asleep. Babies are particularly sensitive to the disruptive sleep patterns that geopathic stress are known to cause and those who have otherwise not slept through the night have started doing so when snuggled up on a Sleep Pad.

The balancing effect of taking Tachyon Water in the day and using a Headband for a few hours in the evening can also help you drift into sleep more quickly, waking more refreshed next morning.

If pain makes it difficult to get to sleep then Panther Juice may be applied to reduce discomfort together with an Energy Cell taped directly over the site of the pain.


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