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Tachyon Energy and Your Mind

Most people have problems of one kind or another whether it is an addiction of some type, an eating disorder or panic attacks which throws us off balance. Bringing Tachyon into our lives helps to restore equilibrium and allows the margins for what we can withstand to get wider and wider. Tachyon Energy nourishes and nurtures our entire energetic system and when used conscientiously brings about consistent positive changes.


Anxiety and panic attacks can sometimes be so disabling that it is often difficult to know where to turn for help. To live with such fear, day in and day out is very debilitating and Tachyon can help build up our bodies as well as our minds to help us think clearly and take charge of our lives again.

The balancing effect of Tachyon Water helps to restore balance and stabilises energetic flow to all parts of the body.

Start slowly with the Water, only 3 drops, twice a day as there is an enormous emotional charge behind anxiety and a healing crisis can be quite overwhelming. Gradually building up the dose by one drop a day can very often allay this.

Taking Tachyon Blue/Green Algae that feeds the glands that are essential for a healthy endocrine function will also have a very positive, powerful effect on the mind.

For further help with anxiety and panic attacks please read my article about how I overcame my panic attacks using EFT at Anxiety Help For Nicola.



With depression there is usually also liver and/or gall bladder involvement, depletion of certain brain area functions, compromised cerebral circulation, biochemical upsets and deficiencies, and high levels of systemic toxicity. And the beauty of Tachyon is that it will help to create harmony on all levels, restore balance and nourish the entire energetic system.

Tachyon Water is essential and very beneficial as it encourages a sense of well being and helps to establish regular sleep patterns. Silica Gel is very strengthening and helps restore the worn down body of a depressed person.

Tachyon Blue/Green Algae helps restore glandular and brain function and gives an improved sense of well-being and mental clarity as well as nourishing the entire nervous system.

Two T32 Energy Cells taped front and back of the liver are a very valuable aid to restoring full liver function.

A number of people have found wearing the Headband in the evenings helps to clear their heads of extraneous thoughts that keep intruding and it is a wonderful aid to meditation which is an enormous help with any health problem.

A Silk Scarf supports the emotional body throughout healing and is a great comfort during depressive episodes.



Stress is one of the biggest contributors to poor health. Stress levels can fluctuate daily according to our life styles and our expectations of ourselves and others and it is often helpful in order to motivate ourselves to act but continual stress, suffered day in and day out, can cause major life threatening illnesses. It is known that our T Cells, which fight infection, are substantially reduced when our bodies are stressed thus leaving our immune systems unable to fight off disease.

An excellent way of coping with stress, as well as reducing its harmful effects, is to take Tachyon Water daily while wearing a Tachyon Pendant and Happy Souls.

Protecting ourselves from EMFs using Silica Disks on the fusebox and on the computer monitor drastically reduces an onorous energy drain which many of us cannot afford.

Using a Sleep Pad and/or a Silica Disk at the head of the bed eliminates environmental stress while sleeping thus allowing peaceful and rejuvenating rest.

Meditation has been shown to reduce stress levels quite substantially and yet the problems some people have trying to meditate can cause even more stress and put them off! It is easy to reach deep levels of meditation using a Tachyon Headband and Energy Cells and the far reaching benefits of practising meditation daily make it worthwhile fitting it into your routine.

Finally, twenty minutes a day in the Personal Cocoon is one of the most effective ways I know to beat stress.


Tachyon Energy and Your Health

Tachyon Energy and Your Mind

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