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StarFields Modern Magic - Inspiration, Information & Real Energy Magic
with Silvia Hartmann & Friends. Lots and LOTS of free demos, downloads,
ebooks & hypnosis mp3s - come over!

HypnoDreams Energy Hypnosis - Amazing, beautiful and original hypnosis &
meditations on CDs MP3 for beauty, power, love and mind expansion. Lots
of quality FREE MP3 hypnosis and meditation downloads, free energy
hypnosis script ebook.
Visit us! http://HypnoDreams.org

Silvia Hartmann Online - Essays, Articles, Poems, NLP, EmoTrance, EFT,
Hypnosis, Energy Magic, Metaphysics and Metaphor. Links to products and
many free downloads.

MetaSong Metaphysical Stories & Poems - Beautiful metaphysic poems,
alien romance, vampire poems, and absolutely fantastic stories to expand
the mind, raise the spirit and release our magic.

1-2-3 EFT! - Met someone in a pub and want them to know how to find
their way to FREE EFT information - easily, quickly and elegantly? Go to
123EFT.com - EFT made quick, easy and you can remember the address!

The Sidereus Foundation - Energy Magic For The Real World
The Sidereus Foundation Portal - Articles & Essays about energy healing, EFT, MET, EmoTrance, NLP, magic, personal development, hypnosis, Project Sanctuary by Silvia Hartmann & selected guest authors.

EmoTrance - Revolutionising The Individual Experience
The EmoTrance News & Library Portal with practitioner listings, training events, subscriptions & more.

DragonRising Publishing
Great Books, Courses and CDs on Magic, Energy Healing, Personal Evolution

Magic Spells And Potions
Energy magic, spells, rituals, meditations, stories, poems - come over and have a play!

The Project Sanctuary Player's Portal
Tools, tales, tails and tentacles - come over and have some imaginative fun!

The Association For Meridian & Energy Therapies
The World's Premier MET Portal - Downloads, essays, articles, groups, forum etc about EFT, TFT, TAB, ET, TAT, BSFF, HBLU and many more energy psychology & meridian & energy therapies approaches.

Ananga Sivyer
Energy Healing, meridian treatments, ayurvedic treatments, EFT, EmoTrance, MET Practitioner Courses, Advanced Trainings with Ananga Sivyer, Author of The Art & Science of Emotional Freedom and The Meridian Journey

In Serein Web Book
Silvia Hartmann's "fiction" trilogy - fantasy, magic and love.

Animal EFT
EFT for, with and about companion animals. Newsgroup, forum, practitioner listings, articles.

Holistic Dog Training & Behaviour
Free downloads and specialist manuals on holistic dog training & behaviour

The Harmony Programme
Essential knowledge about interactions between creatures of all kinds. Applicable to all Sanctuary applications.

Discussion Groups

Anxiety Help With Nicola
Nicola Quinn, author of Life Without Panic Attacks, and friends offer support and practical tips that have proven their worth in helping people cope with anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety disorder and relationship anxiety.

Tachyon Energy with Nicola Quinn
Here we discuss all things Tachyon but especially exchanging ways to use it and our experiences along the way. Be very welcome, new and experienced users alike!

Discuss, learn about and share practical tips and inspiration about EmoTrance, Energy Magic, EFT, NLP, General Semantics, Project Sanctuary, Metaphor, Fantasy, Hypnosis, Spells, Creativity, Art, Writing, Success, Business, Relationships, Reality Creating, Play and all things human.

Project Sanctuary
Here, members can share and talk about their own 'Project Sanctuary' experiences, ideas,(etc) with other Project Sanctuary users. Project Sanctuary is one of many amazing works by Silvia Hartmann.

Open discussion forum for practitioners of Silvia Hartmann's EmoTrance &; other interested parties. Exchange information and ideas about using ET for Energy Healing, Personal Development, and a whole lot more.

Energy Healing For Animals
... for dogs, cats, horses, and of course, all animals including wildlife, feral animals, zoo animals and in the end, even our own species! Energy healing encompasses many different techniques - Reiki, TTouch, EFT, Pure Energy Healing, Massage Therapy and much, much more.

Discussing Meridian Energy Therapies and Energy Psychology since 1998! METs (Meridian Energy Therapies) discussed include but are not limited to: EFT Emotional Freedom Technique/Emotional Freedom Techniques; TFT Thought Field Therapy, BSFF Be Set Free Fast, TAT Tapas Acupressure Technique, ET EmoTrance, Energy Psychology, Meridian Energy Therapies, Energy Healing, Proxy/Distant Energy Healing and METs used in conjunction with hypnotherapy, NLP, metaphor work, healing, energy healing, reiki, kinesiology, massage therapy, TTouch acupuncture and acupressure.

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Tachyon Energy and Your Body

Tachyon Energy and The Environment

Cosmic Attunement With Tachyon Energy

The Energetic Continuum

What is Verticality?

How Tachyon Energy Changed My Life

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